Friendly Towns Activities

Running in the backyard, board games, building sandcastles, learning to swim. Our host families all plan different types of activities.

Host families may live near a beach, a lake, or on a farm. In Maine a Fresh Air child might try a lobster roll or go sailing, and in Pennsylvania they might learn how to milk a cow. Even in the same town, every Fresh Air child can have different experiences.

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New Jersey
New York
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Friendly Towns Fun!

Click on each state to check out some of our kids’ favorite activities.

Eric learned how to ride a bike while visiting his host family

Eric , 12 (Staten Island)

Host Family: Dennis-Gillespie
Town: Cos Cob, CT

Erica and Karen cheer on the Connecticut Tigers at Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium.

Karen, 10 (Brooklyn) and Erica, 11 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Taylor
Town: New Haven, CT

Zozara with her summer sister, Rachel, playing hopscotch at Rehoboth Beach, DE

Zorara, 12 (Queens)

Host Family: Geiger
Town: Lewes, DE

Andre loves surfing every summer!

Andre, 14 (Bronx)

Host Family: Carter-Houck
Town: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Grace and the Meacham family visit the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth.

Grace, 11 (Brooklyn) and Michelle, 12 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Meacham
Town: Gorham, ME

Anaya and her summer sister, Phinnlea, on a boat ride.

Anaya, 9 (Queens)

Host Family: Mason
Town: Orono, ME

Tyrick kayaking at Rocky Gap State Park.

Tyrick, 12 (Queens)

Host Family: Mellon
Town: Cumberland, MD

Adreanna enjoying a day out on the farm!

Adreanna, 7 (Manhattan)

Host Family: Spirito
Town: Berlind, MD

Sonya and her Fresh Air siblings relaxing at the Moose Hillock Campground after a fun day of summer fun.

Sonya, 11 (Manhattan)

Host Family: Ringhoff
Town: Norfolk, MA

London is always all smiles when she is swimming.

London, 11 (Staten Island)

Host Family: Fiore
Town: Grafton, MA

Jasiah always look forward to making s’mores!

Jasiah, 7 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Beaudry
Town: Claremont, NH

Danielle and Johnathan hiking with their summer siblings, Elyse and Isaac, along the Artists Buff Trail.

Johnathan, 7 (Bronx) and Danielle, 10 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Dorsett
Town: Lyman, NH

Zameek with his summer brother, Tyler, catching crabs.

Zameek, 8 (Bronx)

Host Family: Cassero-Catanese
Town: River Vale, NJ

Steven and Rodman with their summer brother, Nathan, at Breakwater Beach Waterpark.

Steven, 12 (Bronx) and Rodman, 14 (Queens)

Host Family: Clayton-Java
Town: Bay Head, NJ

Nicole at the Muse Paint Bar during paint night!

Nicole, 11 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Kane
Town: Farmingdale, NY

Zariah water tubing for the first time!

Zariah, 14 (Manhattan)

Host Family: Brault
Town: Rochester, NY

Keilamarie playing pickleball with her Fresh Air sisters.

Keilamarie, 13 (Bronx)

Host Family: Revell
Town: Greensboro, NC

Tyshawn tubing with summer brother, Benjamin.

Tyshawn, 12 (Bronx)

Host Family: Mindich
Town: Chapel Hill, NC

Jaheim exploring Niagara Falls with the Abrams’ family!

Jaheim, 8 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Abrams
Town: Stoney Creek, ON

Raquel baking with her summer sister, Tennyson.

Raquel, 11 (Staten Island)

Host Family: Canning-Leblanc
Town: Ridgeway, ON

Desire blueberry picking with her summer sisters, Layla and Eva.

Desire, 7 (Manhattan)

Host Family: Harshbarger
Town: Johnstown, PA

Host dad, Brett, teaching James how to fish.

James, 11 (Bronx)

Host Family: Bellis
Town: Elizabethville, PA

Kendu with summer brother, Benjamin, learning to make pizza from host dad, John.

Kendu, 9 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Keating-Oliver
Town: Bristol, RI

David and his Fresh Air brothers even play chess outside!

David, 14 (Bronx)

Host Family: Palmquist
Town: Cumberland, RI

Austin celebrates finishing a hike with the Yablonowski family.

Austin, 8 (Bronx)

Host Family: Yablonowski
Town: Wolcott, VT

Bobby enjoying ice cream on a sunny day!

Bobby, 12 (Bronx)

Host Family: Cianciola
Town: Charlotte, VT

Sebastian with his summer brother, Dache, learning how to garden.

Sebastian, 7, (Bronx)

Host Family: Carmine
Town: Bowling Green, VA

Navaeh smiling for the camera on a hike.

Nevaeh, 9 (Brooklyn)

Host Family: Akerberg
Town: Locust Grove, VA

Jayla fingerpainting with her Fresh Air sister, Mary.

Jayla, 9 (Manhattan)

Host Family: Eubank
Town: Fairmont, WV