The College Connections Program..

supports 10th, 11th and 12th graders through the process of selecting, enrolling, financially preparing for and transitioning into a successful college career. Once in college, students are matched with volunteer mentors and continue to receive ongoing support.

Our staff and mentors help every step of the way during the college application process. The program also provides continued, structured mentorship support during the students’ college years.

Because students, and their families, have an established long-term relationship with The Fund, built on trust developed over many years, our staff has an in-depth understanding of each student’s talents and challenges and can customize their approach to each student’s unique needs.

Students participate in:

  • Weekly group mentoring sessions for high schools students
  • Workshops for financial literacy and planning, including a FAFSA completion workshop
  • Visits to college fairs and tours
  • College spotlights when admissions representatives visit our office for presentations and Q&A sessions
  • SAT preparation courses

Program support includes:

  • Working with high school students to help them select, apply to, and gain admission to four-year universities.
  • Educating parents and students about resources for financial support.
  • Providing ongoing training for our volunteer mentors – many of whom already have strong relationships with our students.
  • Ensuring students are aware of resources and extracurricular opportunities that will prepare them for post-college success including; academic advising, financial counseling, assistance with securing meaningful work or internships, counseling support, personal and logistical advising, and community building events.
  • We stay in touch with program alumni through frequent, structured personal contact from mentors and provide a network of support to help with challenges from home sickness to developing good study habits. There are also Fresh Air group gatherings during winter and spring breaks.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Bentley Gordon, College Connections Program Manager, at or 212-897-8909.